Company profile

GULZAD hardware tools are part of the Gulzad Group of Companies, the company headquarter is based in Zhejiang Yiwu China. Gulzad Hardware Tools are made and manufactured in China.

Gulzad Hardware Tools was founded in by Gulzad Shir Aqa, Parwan, Afghanistan

2017 – The company is a large distributor of construction material and building hardware. The company’s products are included but not limited to nails, shovels, forks, rakes, hoes, and foreign manuscripts. The company aims to be able to work closely with the world’s leading construction companies as a trusted partner and supplier of hardware tools and building materials. At the moment the company has a large contribution to the Middle East, Africa, South America, Russia, Korea, Malaysia…

Our team of professionals at Gulzad Group of Companies were in the market from the past 20 years, and we are still committed to helping our clients from all around the world. We are now proud to have a team of professional in Gulzad hardware tools on our side; of course, this is making our team stronger.

Our team in Gulzad Hardware Tools always put quality first this why the company focus on manufacturing professional high-quality agricultural tools, construction tools, and hand tools, and in the process of design, production, packaging and quality control, Gulzad products are under strict control at every step of the process.

According to Gulzad, the efficiency and performance of each product are first, so what’s different in the OEM market is, the advantages of the Gulzad tool are: affordable price, reliable quality, adequate inventory, fast delivery, unlimited MOQ, etc.

According to our board of directors and the president of the company’s decision, our company is now ready to build a long-term partnership with organizations and companies around the globe. Our company is now looking for partners overseas to build long-term relationships and create mutual benefits if any companies or individuals are interested in becoming our partner, we would love to help them on becoming the market leading company every step of the way.

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Add: Yiwu City Chouzhou North Road, no 951 Futian Building B Block 3rd floor, office No 11-16 Zhejiang province china