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What are the hardware? What are the tips for the selection of hardware?

Hardware is our home life will often see the material, I believe we should be very familiar with, in the decoration will often see hardware products. Hardware may be a lot of people did not pay attention to, but it has irreplaceable function, but for hardware classification may be a lot of people are not very clear. Next, we will give you a detailed description of the hardware, what is the hardware selection of the little skills?

First, the traditional hardware, also known as "hardware"". Refers to iron, steel, aluminum and other metals through processing, making, rolling, cutting, and so on, physical processing made from a variety of metal devices. Such as hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, construction hardware and security supplies. Hardware products are mostly end consumer goods.

Two, a wide range of hardware products, specifications vary, but hardware products in the play an irreplaceable role in the choice of good hardware accessories, can make a lot more safe and convenient to use. At present, there are more than ten kinds of hardware products in the materials market.

1, locks. Exterior door locks, lock, drawer lock, ball type locks, glass window locks, electronic locks, chain locks, anti-theft locks, bathroom locks, padlocks, locks, lock body, lock core.

2, handle class. Drawer handle, cabinet door handle, glass door handle.

3, doors and windows hardware. Glass hinge: hinge, hinge, hinge, bearing corner pipe hinge, hinge, drawer track, track: sliding door track, hanging wheel, pulley, bolt, glass, suction, floor spring, door clip, door closers, plate pin, anti-theft door mirror, buckle, layering, and magnetic bead bead.

4, family decoration hardware category. Universal wheel, cabinet legs, door nose, wind pipe, stainless steel trash, metal hanging brace, plug, curtain pole, curtain rod ring, sealing strip, lifting clothes hanger, clothes hook, hanger.

5, plumbing hardware. Aluminium plastic pipe, three pass, silk bending elbow, leakproof valve, ball valve, square valve, straight through valve, common floor drain, special floor drain for washing machine, rubber belt, pump valve.

6, architectural decoration hardware category. Galvanized iron pipe, stainless steel pipe, plastic tube, rivet, nail, advertising nail, mirror nail, expansion bolt, self tapping screw, glass holder, glass clip, insulating tape, aluminium alloy ladder, goods support.

7, tools. Hacksaw, hacksaw, pliers, screwdriver, tape, cutting pliers, pliers, diagonal pliers, glass glue gun, straight shank twist drill, drill, electric hammer drill, diamond hole, open wrench and wrench, riveter, grease gun, hammer, wrench, sleeve, steel tape, box, meter ruler.

8,. Wash basin faucet, faucet, faucet, washing machine delay shower, soap dish holder, soap, butterfly cup holder, single cup, double cup holder, double cup, towel racks, toilet brush holder, toilet brush, single bar towel rack, towel rack, single and double rod racks, racks, towel rack, beauty mirror, mirror, soap dispenser, hand dryer.

9, kitchen appliances category. Pull the basket, kitchen accessories, kitchen sink, faucet, sink, oven, washer, pump, water heater, pipeline, tank, liquefied gas stove, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, water heater, exhaust fan, water purifier, dry skin, food processor, electric cooker, hand dryer, ice box.

What are the tips for selecting hardware?

First, the appearance: good hardware fittings, the appearance of the process smooth, hand folded when the switch freely, and there is no abnormal noise.

Two, weight: in general, the same kind of products, the more weight, the better the quality.

Three, brand: in the purchase of hardware accessories, good buy longer operating time, higher knowledge of the manufacturers of products. In addition, we should also consider the hardware and furniture color and texture coordination issues, such as handles and so on. Kitchen furniture handle should not use solid wood, in order to prevent deformation in a humid environment.