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The characteristics and applicable range of diamond

Diamond is commonly known, known as water diamonds, diamonds referred to as diamond.

Main use

Home: air conditioning hole, water heater, lampblack machine hole hole, Yuba hole, fan hole, hole, hole on the gas pipeline, leak, toilet hole, hole, hole, heating pipe line wall hole, chimney hole and other specifications, diameter with 1mm- with 25mm hole drilling directly. Continuous drilling is also available, as required.

Project: concrete bearing wall, new door hole, window opening. Air conditioning, range hoods, water heaters and other types of reserved holes drilling. Ventilation duct opening, fire pipe drilling, slot opening, wall removal, floor demolition, blasting drilling, reinforcement drilling.... The pore diameter of 1mm- with 25mm can be directly drilling. Continuous drilling is also available, as required. Can direct drilling, hole wall engineering and a variety of sizes.

The classification of water drilling rig has two kinds: one is mainly used for vertical diamond machine housing construction, highway, railway, airport, railway bridge, mine construction, quality inspection, equipment installation, installation of hydropower, gas field, also called artificial water drilling rig; two is mainly used for tunnel, reinforced concrete, masonry, and rock sewage pipe, ceramic and refractory materials on the drilling rig parallel to the water, also called horizontal directional drilling rig; whether vertical diamond machine or parallel diamond machine while different appearance structure, but the main structure is their high degree of similarity, which is to say that they are in the maintenance, so is the consistent use of requirements.

main features

Accurate size and high construction accuracy;

No vibration, no noise, no dust, accord with environmental protection requirement;

No damage to the surrounding structure, no need to repair;

The utility model has the advantages of small size, flexible use and wide application;

Scope of application

Underground protection fence, drilling on continuous wall, floor slab, road, dam, tunnel, bridge and other reinforced concrete drilling;

Drilling of cement surface of electric appliance, telephone, air conditioner, gas, drainage, fire fighting, sanitary ware, etc.;

Drilling and installation of various anchor bolts;

Fixing the drilling of cement surface of all kinds of large equipment;

The use of advanced diamond drilling machine, cutting equipment, quickly in the concrete, stone, brick wall drilling holes.